We are a growing network of Indigenous leaders, Knowledge Carriers, Guardians and allies working toward a shared vision for decolonized and regenerative Indigenous-led conservation. Together, we seek to bring sustainability and abundance to Indigenous-led nature and climate solutions, in part through financing to support community and conservation visions. Through collaboration, co-learning and reciprocity, we seek to connect Indigenous Nations and Communities to the resources and tools needed to advance Indigenous-led conservation such as Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) and nature-based solutions.


“Rad Voices”

This short film features Indigenous voices from coast-to-coast-to-coast sharing their stories and perspectives at the RAD Network’s Spring 2023 gathering, “Envisioning the Indigenous-led Conservation Economy”. Watch the video for a glimpse of the gathering and hear from some of the diverse but aligned voices that are coming together to create our emerging network. Scroll on to read the full report from the gathering, below.

Directed by Jeremy Williams (River Voices Productions).

Envisioning the Indigenous-led Conservation Economy

The report below, Envisioning the Indigenous-led Conservation Economy, presents our vision for the RAD Network. The report was collaboratively developed as an outcome of our April 2023 gathering on Wolastoqiyik Territory at St. Mary’s First Nation, Sitansisk. Read the Executive Summary and visit our Tools and Reports page to learn more.


The graphic recordings, below, provide a visual summary of some of the key takeaways from our 2023 Vision Gathering, including ideas for future RAD Network work stream activities, as well as key themes and values that we seek to weave into the fabric of our emerging network.

Credit: Mind’s Eye Creative

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