Full Moon Network Gatherings

The RAD Network hosts monthly, virtual Full Moon Network Gatherings to deepen relationships, learn from one another and envision pathways forward. Since January 2023, we have been coming together around the time of the full moon to connect and reflect on one question or theme.

Our first Full Moon Network Gathering focused on Ethical Space, followed by others that focused on core themes like Spirit and Ceremony. Building on these foundational conversations, more recent gatherings have addressed questions such as, “how will we turn our vision into action together?”.

After each gathering, we share recordings, key learnings and summary notes in our newsletter. For a recap of previous Full Moon Gatherings, check out our newsletter archive and YouTube recordings. (Recordings include opening words, songs and presentations, but we do not record breakout discussions in order to foster a safe space for dialogue.)


The RAD Moccassin Telegraph podcast shares stories and discussions on Indigenous-led solutions and the importance of restoring Indigenous sovereignty and connection to the land.

The first two episodes feature voices from our Leadership Group: David Flood and Steven Nitah. These initial episodes provide some of the key context of where we’ve come from and a glimpse of where we’re headed.

We have an exciting lineup of new podcast episodes in development. Stay tuned!

The RAD Moccasin Telegraph is also on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

Carbon Rights and Indigenous-led Nature-based Solutions

Conservation Finance Case Studies